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Principal's Message

Welcome to St.Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School! Our school’s matriarch, St.
Teresa of Calcutta built a community of faith who provided dignity to the
poorest of the poor. At St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School we are a
faith-based community rooted in the person of Jesus Christ. We are proud of
our student centered dedicated teams of professional educators, devoted
support staff and actively involved parent and parish community. Sacred Heart
Parish, led by Father Leszek Szczygiel, plays an active part in the spiritual life
of St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School. Liturgical celebrations, learning and
living of Gospel teachings, and daily prayer are an integral part of our school
life. We strive to nurture a love of learning in our children and educational
excellence in all curriculum areas. Our students and staff are called to clearly
understand the gifts and virtues with which God has blessed them and to be
light to others.

We appreciate our active Catholic School Council that supports the education
of our students and the development of the whole child. Many opportunities
are offered to enhance the life of the school and community. St. Teresa of
Calcutta students are proud of their co-curricular successes, such as soccer,
volleyball, basketball, science fair, public speaking and many other areas of
interest. We also celebrate St. Teresa’s mission of demonstrating a living faith
and recognizing that “Each Life Is Precious to God.” Holy Childhood
Association, Local Food Bank, South Bruce Hospital Foundation, St. Vincent
De Paul, Local family needs, Operation Christmas Child and other major
charities, are a few of the social justice initiatives that St. Teresa of Calcutta
Catholic School has donated to through the works of our students and
community over the last number of years.

St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School will give you a glimpse of the spirit that
is alive in our Walkerton community, Sacred Heart Parish community and
most of all our school community. St. Teresa of Calcutta students continue to
benefit from the great treasure of Catholic education at Sacred Heart High
School in Walkerton. We invite you to experience a small piece of the life of
St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School by becoming involved in our school
community in some way!

God bless!

Carrie Girdler             Monique Van Alphen-Flear
Principal                     Vice Principal